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Today, June 18th, the PSVR survival adventure game Mars Alive made by us is officially released!
发布时间 : 2019-07-23 16:39

In the future, science and technology have made rapid progress, at the same time the earth has been scarred terribly. In order to obtain more resources and energy, mankind has decided to move toward a broader universe. In 2031, the first batch of immigrants set out for Mars, and the dawn of extraterrestrial civilization is about to rise. 

One day in 2045, a strange explosion against Mars immigrants took place abruptly. After the catastrophe of a continuous explosion, the civilization and technology created by humans on Mars was burned out.

In the game, you will play John, one of the survivors of the disaster, and live on this harsh red planet in a first-person perspective.


You should

●Collect resources, reserve food to survive
●Grow vegetables in the greenhouse which survived in the explodes
●Learn to drive MMR and MER
●Find out the parts and upgrade the equipments

●Creat better equipments

●Explore truth behind explodes


 And so on


Mars Alive is released in Playstation Store all over the world except Chinese mainland. Come on this adventure on Mars as John!